The MECC is following with worries the latest news of the painful incidents which
are taking place in Mousel – Iraq since two weeks against the Iraqi Christians and
are manifested in acts of violence, killings, and forced displacement. The MECC
condemns such violent demonstrations against innocent Christians who were
attacked by strangers and insurgents. The numbers of Christians who were killed
till this moment are 12, and more than 1000 families are forced to leave the
homes in the city taking refuge in monasteries, towns and villages surrounding
The MECC affirms the historical fact that Iraqi Christians are a major component
of the Iraq national ethnic groups. They have taken part in building their old
civilization, and are taking honest part in re‐building their today’s nation with
utmost sincerity as citizens and in cooperation with other ethnic counter‐part
citizens. They are looking for a national unity in which it brings into it all ethnic
groups of Iraq; and live in harmony, tolerance, reconciliation and equality.
The MECC stands in full solidarity with its Christian brothers and sisters in Mousel
‐ Iraq in their recent human catastrophe, extending its prayers to Almighty God
and beseeching Him peace. The MECC is calling all churches and partners in the
world to take a responsible stand in supporting the the rights of Iraqi Christians to
live as full citizens in peace, harmony, equality and dignity in their home country.
The MECC is also calling on the Iraqi Government to take a firm approach and
action in protecting its Christian citizens in Mousel and work on the return of
people to their homes and works I a safe environment.
Beirut, October 13 2008
Guirgis Ibrahim Saleh
General Secretary
Middle East Council of Churches