Statement of the Association of Iraqi Academics in the UK 19-3-2015

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Memorandum to:
The President of Iraq
The Prime Minister of Iraq
The Speaker of Iraqi Council of Representatives
The Iraqi Minister of Tourism and Antiquities
The Iraqi ambassador to the UK

The Association of Iraqi Academics in the UK consistently condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations which targets our fellow Iraqis and their culture and heritage which represent the history of Iraq.
In an unprecedented escalation, the terrorist group Daesh on 26 February 2015 destroyed the heritage of the city of Mosul by demolishing the ancient cities of Nimrod and Hatra, ransacking the Mosul Museum and burning books and artifacts at Mosul Library.
They even used electrical equipment in the defacement and destruction of the famous Assyrian winged bull, the guard of Nimrod city, which dates back to the 9th century BC at the ancient gate of Nergal.
This continued sabotage of the city is considered a war crime, not only against the heritage of the Iraqi people but against human history as a whole.
We demand that the Iraqi government calls for international protection to preserve the historical heritage of Iraq and to help liberate the city of Mosul and other territories occupied by Daesh, to return the internally displaced people, and to bring these criminals to account before an international court.
The Association of Iraqi Academics in the UK