Statement Condemning the Attacks Against Iraqi Civilians In Ninewa

10-13-08-news-release-statement-on-attacks-in-ninewa.jpgThe U.S. Embassy in Baghdad condemns the recent attacks against Iraqis in cities such as Baghdad and Ninewa, including those attacks targeting Christian communities in Mosul. The Ninewa province has a long tradition of including many diverse communities that has made it truly a cradle of human civilization.

The terrorist groups responsible for these attacks have shown again that their enemy is the Iraqi civilian population. They are seeking to create divisions among Iraqi communities and undermine the progress Iraq is making in building an inclusive, democratic and prosperous society.

We commend the Iraqi government’s measures to increase security in Ninewa. The dispatch of additional police, many trained by Multi-National Force in Iraq trainers, should help restore security for the citizens in that troubled province. We also welcome the statements of support from the Prime Minister’s office and those from other senior Iraqi officials who have called for an end to these vicious attacks and their commitment that the security forces will do all they can to protect all Iraqi citizens without discrimination.

Representatives of the United States are in regular contact with a variety of communities in Ninewa. International humanitarian organizations are responding to the urgent needs of newly displaced families in Ninewa using funds that come from the United States and other international donors. Coalition Forces are working closely with Iraqi security forces to respond to changing terrorist tactics and foster improved security for all of Ninewa’s citizens.

Coalition Forces will act in support of Iraqi Security Forces as they work together to protect innocent Iraqis from those who would seek to harm them.

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