SNC Statement on the Formation of Military Bureau

The recent developments of the political and security situation in Syria and the regime’s rejection of all Arab and international initiatives for a political solution and a peaceful transfer of power and its killing machine which aims to crush and suppress the democratic Revolution and commit heinous massacres against Syrian women, children and the youth, a new found reality has been formed in which citizens are forced to bear arms in self-defense. Moreover, the regime’s use of the military forces to terrorize and kill innocent civilians has led to the defection of soldiers and officers who refuse to fire at civilians.

The neighborhoods of Homs and other cities across Syria are facing unprecedented acts of violence comparable to the ugliest forms of foreign occupations. The number of killings of Syrian civilians is rapidly growing including women, children, and elderly. Baba Amr has been under consecutive bombardment for three weeks without any intervention, aid or evacuation of the wounded. Its alleys are stained with the fallen heroes’ blood and its houses are roofless and without doors resembling a large prison in ruins.

In light of the rapid developments on the ground, and in realizing the utmost importance of organizing the growing armed resistance along with the need to strengthen the capacity of the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA), the Syrian National Council (SNC) has established a Military Bureau composed of military and civilian personnel. The Military Bureau will track the armed opposition groups, organize and unify their ranks under one central command, defining their defense missions while placing them under the political supervision of the SNC, and coordinating their activities in accordance with the overall strategy of the Revolution. The SNC will work on providing the FSA with all the support it needs to completely fulfill its defense responsibilities, including securing necessary protection for civilians, and tending to the Revolutionaries defending Syrians against the criminal regime. Bureau members will seek assistance from appropriate sources, including experts.

The Syrians Revolution began as a non-violent movement and has maintained its peaceful nature for months. The situation has changed and the SNC will shoulder its responsibilities in light of this new found reality. The SNC will prevent fragmentation and chaos with regards to the proliferation of weapons. The SNC will work to prevent any breaches and violations that go against the interests of the Syrian Revolution and ultimately Syria’s national interests.

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