SNC President Directly Addresses Protesters Amid Record Number of Demonstrations

Massive demonstrations on Friday exhibiting the undeterred will of the Syrian people to topple the regime

• Record number of 382 protest spots with over 250,000 demonstrators across all Syrian cities and towns.
• The Assad regime carries out a killing spree in areas visited by the Arab observers’ mission.
• The Assad government informed all branches of the Chamber of Industry that it will be cutting off electricity for one full day every week in all industrial cities and quarters.

Top Videos
• Daraa: A member of the Arab League monitors states that he saw snipers deployed on rooftops and threatens to take necessary measures if the regime doesn’t recall them
• Aleppo Road, Hama: Fallen hero Wael Qashoush killed by Assad’s forces
• Douma, Damascus Suburb: A child gets killed by a nail bomb

Summary of Events

Over 250,000 protesters participated in today’s demonstrations across 382 hot spots in Syria, setting another high record for the Syrian revolution. It was also the first time that SNC president Burhan Ghalioun speaks live with demonstrators in Khaldiya, Homs, giving respect to the sacrifices of the people in Syria and reaffirming the commitment of the SNC to topple the regime of Assad.

The regime forces responded forcefully to the massive protests witnessed today. The number of civilian casualties continued to rise today especially in the areas visited by the observers’ mission. Residents assumed that they will be safer in the presence of the observers’ mission but were surprised to face a fierce killing spree by the regime. This took place in Hama today, as massive demonstrations with over 30,000 participants took off from the Hamidiya neighbourhood heading towards Asi square where observers were stationed. Another group joined the protest thus increasing their numbers to 80,000. This massive demonstration was quickly dispersed after security forces opened machinegun fire at them coupled with nail bombs, tear gas, and nerve gas. In an attempt to justify the visible use of force observed by one of the monitors today, the regime claimed some observers were encouraging protesters to take arms. On another note, it was discovered that one of the observers’ mission members, Anwar Malek, is an Algerian intelligence officer with a track record of atrocities and possible crimes against humanity.

The city of Idlib greeted Arab monitors with over 150,000 demonstrators today. However, they were not able to approach the Mission because of the presence of accompanying security forces. The observers’ mission only coordinates with the Assad regime and not with opposition factions based in or outside of Syria making them more vulnerable to fall in the trap of regime deceptions. Security forces killed at least 38 demonstrators today, as it opened fire at hundreds of thousands who demonstrated on the Friday of “March to freedom squares”.

The Assad government informed the different branches of the Chamber of Industry in all Syrian cities that it will be cutting off electricity for one full day every week in all industrial cities and quarters. The regime claims that the shortage in electric supply is a direct result of the oil sanctions imposed on the regime by global forces. In Aleppo alone, this decision will lead to the suspension of production in 900 factories, and an income downgrade for around 40,000 employees, which will likely lead to the loosening of the regime’s control over the city.