SNC Arabic Website Goes Live

The Syrian National Council (SNC) launched its official Arabic website today as part of an ongoing outreach effort. The website will help deliver the voices of Syrians from across the spectrum of Syrian society to the media in a transparent manner. It also helps us to communicate SNC information more clearly, quickly, and efficiently. The website provides information about the SNC’s overall organization and its technical bureaus, and how they work together.

Dr. Bassma Kadmani, member of the SNC Executive Committee, announced, “The website will enable us to disseminate information about the SNC’s activities and events in Syria, and is an essential element in our efforts to oust the Assad regime and its pillars of support. The site also contains information about SNC’s plans to establish a free and democratic state in Syria whereby all citizens are equal before the law.”

Dr. Wael Merza, SNC’s Secretary General, said, “The launch of the SNC website in Arabic is part of our integrated plan to improve and streamline our performance and to maintain open and transparent communications with our constituency in Syria and abroad. The site is one of many tools we will use to achieve these goals.”

Meanwhile, Omar Edelbi, a grassroots movement member of the SNC, announced, “coordinating committees and the whole revolutionary movement, including expatriates, can now communicate with the SNC via the new hotline and e-mail address in order to make their voices heard in the SNC Executive Committee, General Secretariat, and Bureaus. I encourage website visitors to provide us with comments and suggestions.”

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