S. Sargsyan congratulated Assyrian community of Armenia

By Times.
Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan sent a congratulatory message to the Assyrian community of Armenia on the occasion of Kha-B’Nissan – New Year, press service of Armenian President reports.

The message states:

“I cordially congratulate the Assyrians of Armenia on the occasion of Kha-B’Nissan – New Year holiday.

New Year means new aspirations and new dreams, new plans and ideas. I wish that the new year brings new success and new achievements to the Assyrian community of Armenia so that the inheritors of the ancient and great Assyrian cultural heritage in Armenia not only preserve it, but also further develop and enrich their native tongue and culture.

The Armenian-Assyrian versatile ties, as well as our historical and cultural similarities have ages-long history and precious to us.

Symbols of this holiday – awakening of nature and fertility – are dear to us all. This is a holiday of our friends and kin, of the worthy citizens of Armenia and our entire nation shares with our Assyrian brothers and sisters the joy of this holiday.

Happy Kha B’Nissan and all the best.”