Russia Says It Cannot Help Assad’s Regime Anymore but Sells It 36 Jetfighters

1.jpg Residents of the Damascus suburb of Douma attend a funeral procession
A Russian Kremlin official stated that there is nothing more Russia could do for the Assad regime, leaving a potential shift in Russia’s current Syria policy. Meanwhile, new reports circulated allege that the regime will buy 36 jetfighters from Russia in a USD $55 million contract. Russia continued to sell Syria weapons despite the ongoing crackdown and criticisms of its policy.

In Homs, the regime continued shelling the neighbourhoods of Bab Tadmur, Jab Jandali, and Bab Draib for hours, as artillery and tank shells continued to fall on residential areas, in addition to nail bombs, missiles, and heavy machinegun rounds. Sniper and machinegun fire continue to be heard all over Homs in an attempt by the regime to stop demonstrations from occurring, especially in the neighbourhoods of Deir Baalba, Bayada, Bab Sebaa, and Qasir. Five soldiers defected from a checkpoint and clashed with Assad loyalists killing many.

Assad loyalists killed at least 28 civilians today; most fell in Homs, and in Idlib which continues to be subjected to the Fourth Regiment’s most recent security campaign. Regime forces also invaded the Damascus suburb of Daraya in search of defected soldiers. The regime cut off electricity and communications before shelling the areas around the routes of Dahadil, Maamel, and Courniche. The use of warplanes to bomb the eastern neighbourhoods of Daraya has been confirmed.