Report on Human Rights Violations of Minorities in Iraq

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Prepared by Hammurabi Human Rights (HHRO)
Organization through field follow up and documentation
Three phases can be determined for human rights violations:
• First phase/ after terrorists’ invasion of Mosul, Tikrit and Talafar.
• Second phase/ after terrorists’ invasion of Zammar and Sinjar.
• Third phase/ after terrorists invasion of Hamdaniay, and Tilkef and their villages and suburbs within the eastern and southern regions of Nineveh leas.
List of Human Rights Violations minorities in Iraq suffered at the hands of Daesh killers

Minorities  in Iraq

The period from 10/6/2014 up to 10/8/2014 ( for (60 days).

Prepared by Hammurabi Human Rights (HHRO)

Organization through field follow up and documentation.

Three phases can be determined for human rights violations:

  • First phase/ after terrorists’ invasion of Mosul, Tikrit and Talafar.
  • Second phase/ after terrorists’ invasion of Zammar and Sinjar.
  • Third phase/ after terrorists invasion of Hamdaniay, and Tilkef and their villages and suburbs within the eastern and  southern regions of Nineveh leas.Threats of killing, chasing, kidnapping, raping, imprisoning, burglary, taking their procession, preventing public services, captivity, using them as human shields, preventing any kind of relief, patients not hospitalized; forcing Sharia clothes( Niqab for women), and certain clothes for men; forcing men to grow beards, preventing all kinds of  entertainment.On the first days of the invasion of Mosul on 10/6/2014, Daesh terrorists pretended no harm for minorities(Christians, Shabak, Turkmen, Shiite and Yezidis). Documented information prove that they started their violations on the third day of their invasion of the city.
  • These violations forced many families to run towards Erbil, Ninevah leas and Dohok. At this point, the terrorists started stealing everything these displaced people carried with them such as precious and private things. For more about this, see table 1 attached to this report.
  • First phase/ after terrorists’ invasion of Mosul, Tikrit and Talafar.
  • List of Human Rights Violations minorities in Iraq suffered at the hands of Daesh killers
  • Terrorists kidnapped and killed tens of Yezidis in Mosul and Tikrit and Hamrin mountain on 10 & 12 June 2014.  Some of them were either prisoners or soliders at the border regions. Hammurabi documented the  names of  9 persons in  table 2(attached herewith).
  • Terrorists attacked border Turkmen and Shabak villages, killed 30 persons in Qabba and Shreikhan villages in Tilkef, and kidnapped 5 women. Mosques (Husseinya) and religious centres were destroyed. They also attacked AL-Shamsiyat village , close to Nimrud district, inhabited by majority Turkmen and Shiites and kidnapped 25 persons on 21/6/2014.
  • Terrorists kidnapped two nuns ,Sister Utoor and Sister Miskenta on28/6/2014 who worked at an orphanage. They also kidnapped two girls, Sara and Hala, and a child, Aram, and were all jailed in Badosh. They were released after two weeks.
  • On 29/6/2014, Suad Zaya Mikha, patient with breast cancer, accompanied by her husbandat the hands of terrorists who threatened to kill her if she doesn’t go back home. They received same threats another time when the hospital phoned them to receive a   wheel chair donated by a humanitarian organization. The terrorists stopped the courier and forced him to return the wheel chair back to the hospital. This is all done under the pretexts that they are Christians. Mr.Oraha said that the incident took place at the head of the third bridge, three armed, two of them had their faces uncovered and spoke standard unclear Arabic.
  • Zuheir Oraha, was prevented from taking her chemotherapy does at Nuclear medicine centre
  • Armed terrorists began putting signs on the walls of the houses of minorities. C for (Christians), and R  (for Rafidi, or Shiites).
  • Christians were given two chances, no third chance, to convert to Islam or else pay Jizya (Tribute). This forced many Christian families to leave their homes on 17.18,and19 June 2014.  Our sources show that more than1000 families left; but all their IDs were taken from them by terrorists.
  • Armed terrorists organized the so-called Tawba (Repentance) rites for all officials, military men and university professors. These rites were made at mosques and were repeated for many days before they were released.
  • Saturday, 21/6/2014 ,armed terrorists destroyed Virgin Mary Statue at the top of Pure Church inAl-Shifaa district in Mosul, at the same time of destroying the statues of Mulla Othman AlMosuli and Poet Abi Tammam.
  • on 20/7/2014 Terrorists occupied Mar Behnam Monastery which dates back to the Ashur era. It contains many heritage treasures, manuscripts and no one knows what are these terrorists doing with the monastery.
  • On 20/7/2014 a group of armed terrorists invaded poultry fields in Hamdaniya and stole thousands of hens and took them to Mosul. They also detained 7 workers and released them after investigation. (for more on losses, see table 3 attached herewith).
  • Starting from 24/7/2014, terrorists began to destroy holy shrines ( Prophet Yonus( Jonah), Prophet Georgis, Prophet Daniel, Prophet Shyth.),  and many others.
  • From 10/6/2014 up to 10/8/2014 no sermons, prayers or Masses were held in any church in Mosul. On 21/7/2014  the terrorists attacked the Syria Catholic archbishop, burned it,  and destroyed the manuscripts, documents and statues and paintings.
  • Terrorists forced many boys and girls to join them and opened training camps for them, in addition to brainwashing them through lectures that attempt to legitimize their crimes.
  • Armed terrorists kidnapped over 500 young men and men. They also forcibly separated men from women in families; and forced a number of girls to marry some terrorists as part of the so-called Nikah  Jihad ( Jihad through marriage consummation).
  • Armed terrorists suspended food basket of Christians, Shabak, Turkmen and Yezidsi, and notified agents not to demand their ration.
  • On19/7/2014 Uruba Square in Mosul witnessed the burning of thousands of  scientific and literary books at the hands of terrorists under the pretext of  being non-religious books.
  • Sources confirmed that meat prices witnessed a sharp decline attributing this to control of livestock by the terrorists who began to offer them at low prices. Yet, people of Mosul were reluctant to buy considering them stolen.
  • On 20/7/2014 in AL-Jammasa neighborhood, seven women were kidnapped by terrorists in house raids. Among them was Shaha Ahmed Khalaf Al-Sahrabi, 1970, a housewife. Latest news showed that these seven kidnapped women are currently jailed in Talaafer tower.
  • Over 1500 chrisitan families fled Mosul and arrived to Nineveh leas, Erbil, and Dohuk on 16,17,and 18 July. All there  ID credentials were stolen by terrorists.These two cities witnessed the most terrible human rights violations since their invasion at the hands of the terrorists on the first week of August2014,  represented by killing over 500 Yezidis, as well as over 200 thousand persons  fleeing to the foot of Mount Sinjar  as of 5/8/2014. Over 70 newborn baby died at the first day in addition to tens of old men and women.  Were it not for  aerial relief, most of them would have died.
  • Second phase/ after invasion of Zammar and Sinjar by terrorists.
  • Many women and children died in Zammar and Sinjar , while over 200 girls and women were taken captives,  traded in Mosul and Syrian Raqqa. Others were forced to marry armed terrorists.
  • Many displaced homeless Yezidis are scattering now in woods. Nothing is known about their whereabouts.
  • Many Yezidis gathered at the border point of Ibrahim AL-Khalil near the Turkish borders hoping to flee to Turkey.
  • Over 150 Yezidi families were taken as captives to the Syrian territories. Nothing is known about their whereabouts.Inhabitants of this region suffered similar human rights violations represented by cutting electricity and water after the control of armed terrorists over the sources of water supply installations in
  • Ninegeh lea and Rashidiya and Salamiya. These services became under their control.
  • Third phase/ after terrorists invasion of Hamdaniay, and Tilkef and their villages and suburbs within the eastern and  southern regions of Nineveh leas.
  • Escalation of terrorism  and human rights violations that  the inhabitants of Nineveh lea came after terrorists occupation of Hamdaniyah  and Tilkef and their suburbs on 7/8/2014 and their full control of the southern and southern-eastern regions.
  • Destroying all heritage sites and features like churches. Over 1500 highly  important manuscripts were destroyed.
  • Number of displaced people towards the far north and towards Erbil and Dohok exceeded 200 thousands.
  • Reliable sources confirmed that the armed terrorirsts broke into the houses of senior officials and rich people in Hamdaniya and Tilkef  and took some of them as their headquarters.
  • Some armed terrorists provided fuel for some families to urge them flee their houses and empty them. This was repeated in many towns and villages which were controlled by these armed terrorists.


During 60  days

Second report for the period from 10/8/2014 up to 10/10/2014

About Human Rights Violation in Iraq

Prepared by Hammurabi Human Rights Organization


through field follow up and documentation.

Human rights violations committed by armed terrorists in Iraq did not change throughout this period. Continuous killing, kidnapping, displacement,  robbing, arrest, captivity, women and children trading,  in addition to confiscating properties,  taxation,  stealing of  furniture, and forcing minorities

to convert and forcing women to marry armed terrorists.

Documentation on 11/8/2014

  • Armed terrorists imposed on the people of Mosul not to burry their dead only after getting the consent of Ameers. They also imposed certain rituals on burial ceremonies.
  • Thousands of women with Niqab (face veil) started appearing in Mosul accompanied by men. No one women seen alone.
  • Displaces people number in Bekhdida(Qaraqoush) and Tilkef  and their suburbs exceeded 200 thousands who fled to Erbil, Dohuk and Suleimaniya. Some of them gathered at IbrahimALKhalil border point near Turkey in attempt to flee to Turkey.
  • Nothing is known about the persons who remained in Bakhdida (Qaraqoush) or Tilkef or Kremlis. Confirmed information showed that armed terrorists these people in Al-Tawheed mosque in Bakhdida and notified them them about Daesh condition (to convert to Islam or pay Jizya (Tribute).
  • Some armed terrorists provided fuel for some families to urge them flee their houses and empty them. This was repeated in many towns and villages which were controlled by these armed terrorists.
  • Some Displaced Yezidis are still in the open air,  in the forests and woods hoping to meet UN officials.
  • Reliable sources say that number women taken captives by armed terrorists is increasing. Deashi women do check women faces to isolate those beautiful women for the sake of trading them as captives or force them to marry armed terrorists.
  • Reliable sources showed that Turkish border guards killed 10 Displaced Yezidis on 12/8/2014 as they were requesting permission to enter Turkish territories for fear of being attacked by armed terrorists and fear of terrible crimes committed against them.
  • Confirmed information showed that Tellisqaf and Baashiqa towns were looted by terrorists who robbed displaced people houses.  Robberies take place in the head of the day.
  • Over 100 thousand Yezidis and other minorities are currently living in a very awful circumstances in Khank village. They have no access to services and facilities, making them subject to huge risks especially women and children. Hizawa and Diraboun villages in Zakho shelter huge number of displaced people who are not receiving any aid.
  • Followers of the events in Mosul and other cities and towns warned against tricky attempts by the terrorists to show forged humanitarian behavior. Cancer hospital in Mosul witnessed one such attempt when the terrorists forced patient children to raise Daesh flag and publish it in the media. Terrorists also claimed that they have pardoned Christians as if Christians were criminals and  those terrorists are angels of mercy authorized by Heaven to pardon them, while in reality they are merciless killers.
  • Most Yezidis are desperate and hopeless. They see no salvation in the future. That’s why they are requesting for help to migrate abroad because they think even in future they might be subjected to the same massacre.
  • Yezidi families displaced from Mount Sinjar are still heading towards Dohuk  and its suburbs which are full of displaced Yezidis and Christians.
  • Interntional organizations role is still weak and not at the level required.  Tens of thousands families are still are in real need of relief , and aids are mal-distributed due to absence of precise data about the actual number  of displaced families.
  • Continuation of relief at this level may lead to health disasters among the displaced.
  • Shortage of  places for sheltering displaced people. All halls, churches, social and religious centres are full and no longer able to receive more displaced people.
  • Military activities to liberate Nineveh leas and Sinjar are slow and  not fast moving giving the impression to the displaced that their situation will worsen and no hope to return home soon. This will also encourage terrorists to rob these towns and villages as happened in Hamdaniya and Tallisqaf and others.
  • Displaced petitions in Dukok are slow moving due to their huge number, hence, a delay in receiving the financial relief which actually hasn’t been sent yet.
  • A large number of  governmental officials have not yet received their salaries for June, July, hence, threatening their ability to meet the daily needs of their families which are living under very harsh circumstances together with their children.
  • It has been confirmed to Hammurabi the killing of over 200 Yezidis at the  hands of armed terrorists in Koju village located to the  east-south  of Sinjar. The village was besieged for many days, its inhabitants were given two choices; either to convert to  Islam or die.  Reliable sources also showed that over 100 Yezidi women were transferred to Talafar , and  there is a possibility of  trading  them as captives.
  • Hospital services  in Mosul are worsening due daily pressures on the medical staff, especially women doctors who are forced to wear Niqab and through other procedures that prevent them from carrying out their duties. There is news about the intention of the medical staff to sit in.
  • Displaced Yezidis and Christians in Kurdistan are losing hope of quick return home due to slow military intervention to liberate their territories both on the national and  international levels.
  • US consulate in Erbil was reluctant to the demands of the clergymen who demonstrated before the consulate on 11 august 2014.  Religious leaders ,Archbishop  Mar  Johana Moshi and Archbishop Goergis and Priest Moses were desperate from US consulate stance towards thousands of AL-Qosh people who knew their calamity would not be solved sooner.
  • International  relief operations are below required levels needed by thousands of Yezidis and Christians in Kurdistan.
  • Displaced families are financially incapable of meeting their needs and they are unable to follow up their petitions to receive their financial grant submitted by the federal government.
  • Displaced people situation is worsening due to slow relief operations in Duhok and Erbil. Slow  military operations in Nineveh leas is also contributing to further worsening their situation.  It also increased peoples’ worry about their property and  future as the terrorists are invading their homes.
  • Refugee applicants  numbers ( Christians) with Turkey are getting higher. Hundreds line up before UN offices in Ankara to apply for refugee.
  • Displaced Christian in Ankawa and Erbil are complaining of attempts to push them out of the churches to camps prepared to them by  UN in cooperation with the Independent Human Rights commission of Kurdistan.  This further worsen  their situation and impose further psychological pressure on them.
  • At least one death among displaced is registered in Erbil. So far, 5 deaths are documented due to the difficult situation of the displaced.
  • Difficulty in finding suitable residence in Duhok and Erbil due to high lease prices.  A simple half-furnished house cost $1500/month, with a three-month or six-month down payment.
  • The majority request religious and political leaders to find a way out for the group immigration outside Iraq due to the difficult hard living situation. Many families are still in the open air  and their situation might worsen with winter at the doors.
  • Thousands of families in Duhok haven’t been able to receive their financial grant which is moving on a back of a turtle, as they say.
  • Shortage of camps in Duhok to shelter thousands of Yezidsi who are forced to find shelter in unfinished buildings.
  • Many displaced are forced to buy commercial fuel in Erbil and Dohuk due to shortage of subsidized fuel which is unaffordable by them.
  • Some residents of Mosul complained from the unbearable situation in the city through phone calls. Complains from the armed terrorists is on the high and young men are ready to join any movement to liberate Mosul from the terrorists.
  • the destiny of thousands of pupils and students is questioned.  How would the new academic year look like especially as the terrorists issued instructions which are totally contradictory to the scientific and academic procedures followed in the past.
  • Talliskaf is left totally destroyed by the terrorists. Tens of houses and buildings are damaged; public buildings are damaged and other houses and buildings were looted and destroyed by the terrorists  who also stole all machines and tractors of the city.
  • Terrorists committed new crimes against the remains in Neneveh leas. On 22/8/2014 Yezidi religious Mazars (Shrines) were demolished as well as the Alcakaúah shrines.

Documented on 13/8/2014

Documented on 14/8/2014

Documented on 16/8/2014

Documented on 21/8/2014


Documented on 23/8/2014

Some villages and towns are facing the risks of being invaded by terrorists who are expanding. Residents have called for tightening security procedures to protect them from any possible attack.

  • Yezidis who were taken captives by terrorists are detained in schools and hospitals inTalafar and its suburbs. In phone calls, they told their families that they are suffering at the hands of the terrorists who separated men from women; and left them starving due to shortage of food and water. They confirmed that their number exceeds 15 thousands and were distributed to the south of Sinjar, Ghizlani in Mosul and Gayara airport to the south of Mosul.
  • Relatives of the Yezidi captives received a phone call from a a captive women from Kojo village in which she confirmed that men were killed on three phases while women were taken to Talafar.
  • Reliable sources close to Hammurabi confirmed that  the armed terrorists have killed the wellknown advocate Najlaa AL-Imari on 20/8/2014 because she was Mosul  candidate for the parliamentary elections last  year.
  • Christina Khidhir Azzo Ibada, a child girl,  was kidnapped from her mother  on 22/8/2014 by an armed terrorists whose name is Fadil as claimed by the some survivors who were met by Hammurabi. They confirmed that he speaks Mosuli dialect fluently. Hammurabi managed to get his phone number and called him.  He confessed that Christina is with him but refused to let her mother speak to her pretending she is ill and asleep.
  • Terrorists tend to send messages to those who fled Mosul from non-minorities that they can declare their repentance and receive pardon and return to Mosul.  It seemed that they aim at tricking them  and detain them or kill them as happened with advocate Najla Al-Imari. Some people from Mosul are now jailed in Badosh after being tricked by terrorists.
  • Governmental offices which were re-opened are inspected on regular basis by terrorists committees to check people’s commitment to Shari clothes. Those who violate are punished.
  • In Tellisqaf,  houses,  shops, churches and many other buildings were robbed by terrorists. Inhabitants who returned to the town after its liberation confirmed that their houses were robbed and all their possessions were stolen. Inhabitants of some villages surrounding Tellisqaf have worked as guides for the terrorists.  It is also confirmed to Hammurabi that some Peshmarga elements have looted some houses after Daesh retreat from the town.
  • Reliable sources confirmed that the terrorists are detaining some Christian families in Sinjar in addition to many Yezidi families. Hammurabi received information about the detention of a Christian family of 5 members and it is ready to give their names to any  judicial or human rights organization.
  • Terrorists forced the rest residents of Bakhdida to leave after they rejected converting to Islam by force.  Some of them arrived to Erbil after a one day journey. Hammurabi made interviewed some of them.
  • Terrorists forced all old men and women to leave Bakhdida, putting them in cars and moving them outside the town.  They pretended that no one can bury them in case they die.
  • Terrorists work to recruit some evil Arabs from the Arab villages and urge them to rob and destroy houses of the minorities in Nineveh leas. Many Arabs denounced such works and declared sacked all robbers.
  • Homeless children number is increasing in Mosul. A four-month newborn baby was spotted at the garbage in the city.
  • There are warnings from epidemic diseases in the halls and houses which are full of displaced persons with the shortage of medical means that prevent bacteria and viruses  spreading.
  • Regular burglary on day-to-day basis of auto spare parts warehouses in Bakhdida (Qaraqoush).  It appeared that brokers sell these shops and the goods to other burglars against huge commissions.
  • Reliable information confirmed that terrorists confiscated the houses of all judges in Mosul, some of which were given to leaders in Daesh,   while others were locked and “reserved for the Islamic Caliphate “  was written on their walls.
  • Furniture transfer is seen inside Mosul and this confirms burglary operations.
  • Most displaced families are short of necessary money to meet their daily needs. Women and men are seen begging.
  • Seven persons were taken captives by Daesh in the centre of hamdaniya. (QaraqoushBakhdida). Unmarried virgin girls were among those kidnapped. Nothing is known about their whereabouts.

Documented on 24/8/2014

Documented on 25/8/2014

Documented on 27/8/2014

Documented on 30/8/2014

Reliable sources confirmed most houses of displaced university professors were controlled by terrorists. Furniture and precious thins are being stolen.

  • New families are seen living in many districts in Mosul. Terrorists have brought families from Iraqi and non-Iraqi cities to occupy the empty houses of  Yezidsi, Christians, Shabak or Turkmen.
  • Bodies of dead persons are seen every morning in Mosul.  It seems a liquidation operation is going on. There is a possibility of  mass graves appearing.
  • Mosul has a crowded bazaars. It is ironically called Daesh Bazar.  Furniture, antiquities, heritage pieces, home commodities are sold in this bazaar, in addition to mobile phones. It seems these goods are stolen from houses of the displaced.
  • Displaced families are still suffering from loss of their identity credentials after terrorists stole them.  Hammurabi calls upon the federal government to facilitate restoration of these lost documents for the displaced people.
  • With winter at the door, most displaced are without winter clothes which they left at their houses.
  • Confirmed information showed that some captive women who were traded managed to escape and they have arrived to Duhok. It is worth mentioning that Daesh terrorists took some women captives and traded them in Mosul and Raqqa city in Syria. Hammurabu managed to interview some of these women and keep their stories about the terrible practices of the terrorists.
  • Suicides were registered among displaced who felt desperate. They are short of daily basic services and it is confirmed to Hammurabi that a Yezidi killed himself in Zako –Dirabon on30/8/2014. His name is Naef Haji Khalil.

Documented on 1/9/2014.

  • Reliable sources confirmed to Hammurabi that the number of prisoners in Badosh has increased during the last ten days in the mid of fears by terrorists of an uprising against them. Resources also confirmed that Daesh is carrying out night arrests.
  • Stealing and robbing is continuous in the Nineveh leas, in Bakhdida and Qaraqoush.  Vehicles tour the city to spot the houses they can rob. Organized gangsters from surrounding villages carryout  robbery under the supervision of terrorists.
  • Reliable sources confirmed that terrorists are detaining some Yezidi women in a village near Talafar called Kasrul-Mihrab.  A prison was built for that purpose.  These women live under very harsh circumstances; only one piece of bread a day, using  polluted water and they are forced to marry terrorists.
  • Reliable information confirmed that some captive women managed to escape from Falluja and Rabeaa after being   traded there.
  • Hammurabi got confirmed information about burning three Yezidi villages by the terrorists on 1/9/2014. Kutan, north-east Sinjar,  Hreko, north of Sinjar,  and Qaraj Shafarski.
  • A women and a girl committed suicide upon arriving to Sinjar.  Before killing themselves, they told the people there that  they were raped many times at the hands of the terrorists who detained them.
  • Two detained Yezidi girls managed to escape from the terrorists and arrived to the Turkish borders aided by some men from Shammar clan.  These two girls are Sara Ibrahim from Ramdos village and Dunia Shakir from Qahtaniya.
  • Unfinished building collapsed over a displaced family living there.  Family caretaker died, and other members were injured.
  • Mosul witnesses whipping of parents and brothers of gilrs who went out without putting Niqab as terrorists ordered.  Whipping takes place in streets or near the bridge.
  • Hammurabi received phone calls from citizens who told us that  they have remained in their homes for many days and never went out for fear of being arrested and sent to training camps.

Documented on 4/9/2014

Documented on 6/9/2014

  • 25 Christians  are still detained by terrorists at Sayedda Zainab mosque in Sinjar. They have been transferred to near houses. Nothing is known about their whereabouts.  Meanwhile, terrorists forced two christians to convert to Islam and are now detained in a separate house away from other Christians.
  • Yezidi families are still detained in Kasrul-Mihrab village and the terrorists are preparing to move them  to unknown place.
  • Reliable sources told Hammurabi that terrorists detain Yezidis in Tal Al-Banat (AL-Waleed) and Koju village and they have concluded compulsory marriage contracts for Yezid girls from Koju in SInjar.  They are planning to hold group marriages in the coming days.
  • Security congestion  in Mosul  is at the highest level. Mosul could be a real haven for resistance to the terrorists.
  • It is confirmed that terrorists have executed four young men and handed their bodies to their parents. On30/9/2014, same day,  the body of deputy attorney general Ibtihal Al-Hayali was handed over to her parents.   She was arrested from her house in Zuhur quarter in Mosul few days ago.  No details about this crime.

Documented on 30/9/2014

Terrorists are preventing young men from getting out of their houses for fear of joining resistance groups.

  • Yaarubia border region near Syria and villages of Rabeaa in Iraq are witnessing continuous fighting between Daesh and Turkish Kurdistani Labor Party in cooperation  with Yezidi armed men.
  • A camp for Yezidis and Chrisitians in Yaarubia is under fire of Daesh currently.
  • Villages of Yezidis are being attacked by the terrorists and the residents of these villages are still resisting them despite their heavy guns.
  • Terrorists are pressing on Zurafa and Hitin complexes inSInjar.  Yarmok is surrounded terrorists who have burned the houses of  these two residential complexes.
  • Continuous displacement of Syrian Yezidis and chriistians who are trying to cross the borders to Turkey.
  • Reliable sources showed that terrorists forced managements of governmental hospitals Mosul and other medical centers in cities and towns under their control to empty them  from patients. This step is taken to bring those injured terrorists for treatment in these hospitals and medical centers.
  • Terrorists check points and patrols number has increased inside Mosul and its suburbs. This confirms their fears of an uprising against them.
  • A Christian family in Mosul confirmed it had been detained for some time in Mosul.  They confirmed to Hammurabi upon their arrival to Erbil that terrorists forced them to change their ID cards with ID cards issued by the IS.  This is a family of five members, Hammurabi maintains their names and identities.
  • According to precise statistics, the number of people calling upon medical centers in Duhok reached 550 a day, against 150 before 10/6/2014.  This is because of the difficult circumstances under which displaced people live.
  • Hammurabi  got confirmed information that terrorists are continuously burning the houses of Yezidis in villages and towns under their control.
  • Terrorists are targeting some Yezidi villages around Mount Sinjar. They broke into Kahbal village with 8 tanks and burned the houses there. This was done during the day and fighters were flying nearby.

Documented on 2/10/2014

Documented on 4/10/2014


  • Fierce battles broke yesterday 3/10/2014 in Kabara village to the west of Sinjar between Yezidi fighters and terrorists who attacked the village. Ten terrorists were killed and three Yezidis were martyred.
  • Yezidi fighters call upon the Iraqi government to quickly support them by air or by arms  and ammunition  supplies because they can not resist for along time without support.
  • Hammurabi got confirmed news that terrorists began to mislead the military planes through using civilian cars  or motorcycles in the villages under their control.
  • Mount  Sinjar besiege is continuous from all sides. Over 500 families there are running  out of relief supplies and the situation is unstable since the closing of relief paths five days ago.

For reminder and documentation

  • Mrs. Pascal Warda Hammurabi president and Mr. William Warda public relations officer in Hammurabi have met on 10/10/2014 with three Yezidi girls who managed to flee from the terrorists. They narrated  the violations they were subjected to at the hands of terrorists and how they managed to escape. Their story is documented with Hammruabi.
  • Mrs. Pascal Warda Hammurabi president and Mr. William Warda public relations officer in Hammurabi have met on 11/10/2014 with some Yezidi families who showed pictures of their kidnapped girls and nothing is know about them.
  • Mrs. Pascal Warda Hammurabi president and Mr. William Warda public relations officer in Hammurabi have met on 10/10/2014 with one girl who managed to escape from the terrorists and who was traded for more than one Daeshi.
  • All Yezidi families who have kidnapped persons fear to mention their names for fear for their lives.
  • It is confirmed that the terrorists have killed in Mosul the two advocates Najlaa Al-Immari and Samira Al-Numani and Zina Yunus. Many other women were killed at the hands of terrorists. Hammurabi is trying to know their names.
  • Hammruabi suggests a national project to glorify the martyr Ummaya Al-Jibori in appreciation of her courageous stances and her resistance of the terrorists.


The first report issued by Hammurabi about human rights violations cover the period from 10/6/2014 to 10/8/2014.

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