Quality Academic Publishing Still Strong at Gorgias Press Despite Recession

Piscataway, NJ—June 1, 2009. Gorgias Press LLC, an academic publisher in the humanities, establishes a program for assisting scholars to publish their academic manuscripts during the recession.

Scholars continue to write books, but due to the economic downturn, some academic publishers are reducing the number of books they plan to publish or asking authors for financial support so as to make viable the production of their books. Gorgias, however, has actually increased its production of academic books. In fact, during the first six months of 2009, Gorgias has already put out more than 100 titles.
It has been able to do this because its business model was first created in 2001, the year of—and as a result of—the dot com crash.
“Gorgias was established during the 2001 recession,” says George Kiraz, President of Gorgias Press. “The business model we built was designed to withstand a falling economy.”

Scholars whose books were initially accepted by reputable presses, but have been turned down because of the economy, or who have been asked now to subsidize the publication, can turn to Gorgias. Publishing with Gorgias is a straightforward process. The author submits a book with proof that the book was initially accepted at another reputable academic publisher. Gorgias will still go through its editorial review processes to ensure quality but will guarantee results within three months. Submissions are sent via email to submissions@gorgiaspress.com. Gorgias publishes monographs, text-books, reference works, series, and journals. A full catalog of publications is available at www.gorgiaspress.com.

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