Press Release The SNC is Committed to Meeting the Goals of the Revolution

The Executive Committee of the Syrian National Council (SNC) met on Tuesday, 3 January 2012 to discuss the draft resolution containing preliminary ideas on the transition prepared during talks with the National Coordination Committee and other opposition groups. The SNC reaffirmed its rejection of the draft document.

The SNC participants reaffirmed that the SNC’s position remains that which was approved in the political program at the last General Assembly meeting in Tunisia (17-18 December 2011). In particular, the SNC reaffirmed its position on ousting the regime and all its pillars and symbols, requesting international protection, supporting the Free Syrian Army, resolving the Kurdish and Assyrian issues, and planning for the transition phase.

The SNC’s Executive Committee further clarified that the ideas discussed during talks with other opposition groups had not yet been presented to its members or to the General Secretariat. The ideas were merely points of discussion for the opposition conference, to be organized by the Arab League in the event that its initiative is successful. Therefore, characterizing and disseminating this draft document as a final “political document” was out of context and caused an unethical manipulation of public opinion.

The conferees directed the SNC to release a comprehensive document regarding the transitional period with a vision and outlook for Syria’s future. This will be discussed within a national framework that includes all groups and independents, and in alignment with the commitment to unify the opposition and mobilize support at all levels. This will guarantee the success of our people’s Revolution in ousting the criminal regime.

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