Prejudice marks little support for Arab Christians

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There is little I can add to Georgie Anne Geyer’s excellent Thursday op-ed column, “Where’s outrage over persecution of Iraqi Christians?”
She wrote a comprehensive commentary that covers all Christians of the Middle East. I have struggled for some time to understand why many Christians in the United States do not support Christians in Palestine and other countries of the Middle East. I have come to believe it is prejudice.

When Israel shelled Gaza, the shells did not discriminate. Among the 2,100 people killed were Christians. In the West Bank, Gaza and Israel, Christians suffer daily discrimination, chiefly because they are Arabs.

Could it be that many Americans are slow to help Iraqi Christians as well as other Christians in the Middle East because they are Arabs and supporting them would somehow show disloyalty to Israel?

This is a dilemma.

It seems that we must choose between offending our loyalty to Israel or Middle East Christians, not both. Many people do not stop and ask themselves, who are the Christians who live in the Holy Land today? The answer is they are descendants of the first Christians, and they are Arabs.

We need to get our priorities straight and support Middle East Christians and make it plain that we do not sign up for a war against people just because they are Arabs and may be at odds with the questionable national and political goals of Israel.