Praying for persecuted Iraqi Christians during Christmas

iraqmap1.jpgChristians in the United States are being asked to pray for fellow believers in Iraq, some of whom are facing a dangerous Christmas.
Recently, attacks against Christians by Muslim terrorists have been reported in several hot spots, most notably in Mosul. Earlier this week, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom issued a report, explaining serious concerns about severe violations of religious freedom in Iraq.

Open Doors USA, a ministry that supports persecuted Christians worldwide, is one of the few ministries with people still on the ground in Iraq. Spokesman Jerry Dykstra says while the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq has made the country safer over all, Christians are still vulnerable to attacks, especially around Christmastime.

“We also hear of stories of Christians in Mosul and that area, when they put any kind of decorations up, which are associated with the West, their homes are targeted and sometimes their lives, if they have any kind of ornaments or anything to do with Christmas or with Baby Jesus,” he points out.

Open Doors also assists many Christians who have fled north or to refugee camps in Syria.