On the occation of the global day for No violence against woman . Bent AL – Rafidain Organization asks to attain justice and Social peace

In shadow of difficult situation of the Iraqi woman which obliges her to sustains respectable living for herself and family, We celebrate anniversary of the global day for no violence against woman, besides international efforts to pay more attention to woman’s rights and the extent of misery and oppression she suffers from, all over the world without different exclution here and there .
By the way, Bent AL ــ Rafidian states continuing its track without stop to support and protect the movement of the Iraqi women’ s sphere to attain her rights and ensure generous life in city or village.
Also, the organization denies governmental of offices and systems which make little account of the woman’s question, and protect and ensure her efforts to reach high standand of living.
The woman still suffers from poverty, anxiety and unknowing of her future which consist threat to herself and her children.
The Iraqi woman is still oppressed by the law and religion and most by social traditions, terror, poverty and lack of security and peace in all aspects of her life.
For above reasons, it asks the responsible circles to give priority to woman questions and how to ensure respectable life through actual and practical programs.
Also, it asks the Iraqi chamber of representatives, especially woman to make account to legislate more laws that forms protection against violence confiscation of rights, also to amend laws which constitute unjustice to woman like articles of the law no. 111.
The Organization hopes, this year to be considered year of careness towards woman’ s problems and to ensure ways to protect respectable life by international organizations and Iraqi governmental offices and parlament, or even religious, cultural and social institutions which work to enhance position of man on the Earth.
Also, Bent AL – Rafidain Org. praises, in this day, Iraqi woman, her pacience, struggle for achieving good life. Our organization promises to back her in all her questions till attaining solidarity of the society in which all people have equal chances of justice and social peace.