On air: Is it best for Christians to leave the Muslim world?

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Ros: We’re asking this question as there appear to a number of different groups of people who would answer this question with ‘yes’.

1) Muslims who want Christians gone. 2) Muslims who regret the attacks, but think that for Christians to leave is the easiest way to difuse the tension. And 3) Christians who feel it is no longer safe for them to stay in the Muslim country where they live.

Do you agree with any of those points of view? Or should everything be done to ensure that Christians can continue to live safely in the Muslim world?

Ben’s original post:

Half of all Christians in Iraq have fled the country since the invasion in 2003, after today’s attacks in Baghdad the remaining 450,000 must be living in fear for their lives.

Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Athanasios Dawood in Britain is urging Iraqi Christians to fee their homeland.

I say clearly and now — the Christian people should leave their beloved land of our ancestors and escape the premeditated ethnic cleansing. This is better than having them killed one by one.
We’ve spoken about the issue on the programme before but the situation is obviously deteriorating. Are Christians the most oppressed minority in the Middle East? Many church leaders inside Iraq are urging the two thousand year old community to stay but others are urging them to flee. What do you think? Should they leave?