Om Yaerob in the International Women’s Day

Alyaa Al-Ansari
Women’s right activist
The world prepares to celebrate in the International Women’s Day, which starts on the eighth of March.
Parliamentarians ,members of local governments, civil society activists , will make seminars, conferences and festivals together with men who will say to her : I’m with you to support you , celebrate with you in this day , the day that the UN made it your day, each one of us will celebrate in this day.
Just for Om Yaerob with her companions, her companions on the path of poverty, suffering and destitution,those women stay on the Nation’s land with their silent pain.
Om Yaerob a mother of nine children, the oldest one is thirteen years old and the youngest one is thirteen months old!!
Live in random or what it called (squatters), I do not know who fired these names, does it mean they are random to exist and survive, or are they bypassing on the life?! Or bypassing the law, under the state provides a decent life – by law – for all its citizens?!
The important thing is that Om Yaerob still cooks for her nine children and their father a food in a saucepan on wood poles (I had to put its picture with the article).. In a home consisting of two rooms, the roof of one of these two rooms fell on her ten year’s old daughter two weeks ago.
Om Yaerob don’t read and don’t write, the same is with Abo Yaerob and all of the Yaerob’s family, so how a great nation we are ?nationthat produce Illiteracy and poverty.
Yes, we are a poor nation that produces poverty, illiteracy and destitution for its citizens, and then it announce to the world that the woman has won her rights, they are now sitting in parliament and participate in the conferences and she has an active presence in every place.
The evidence for that will come in the eighth of March by the celebration and speeches and the spend of money for that, so we say we support women and defend their rights, everybody will celebrate in the International Women’s Day, in the same morning that Om Yaerob will wake to put water with lentils on a pot to feed the hungry and poor mouths that can’t read or write.
But I will not be with them; I will celebrate with Om Yaerob and in my owen way.
Greetings to all Iraqi women still do not have just one pot … put it under the sky to feed children walking on the land of oil.