Ninewa’s borders, “Red Line,” Parliament Speaker says

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraq’s Parliament Speaker, Usama al-Nujeify, has called for necessity to protect the unity of north Iraq’s Ninewa Province, which he described as a “Red Line,” during his reception of a delegation, representing Ninewa’s Christians on Tuesday, a source close to his office reported.

“The territories of Ninewa Province are a “Red Line,” unity of which must be protected,” Nueifi told the delegation members, the source said.

On his part, the Delegation’s Member and the Political Advisor of Ninewa Governor for Minorities Affairs, Duraid Zoma, said that “the delegation had raised several issues of Ninewa Christians, including the opening of doors for Christians to join the Police and Army forces, and to find jobs for the unemployed people in the area.”

A statement by the “Chaldo-Sirian-Assirian” organizations in Ninewa Province had demanded few weeks ago the establishment of a “Province in Ninewa,” areas, comprising a Christian majority, the activation of Article 35 of the draft-law on Iraqi Kurdistan’s Constitution and the concreting of the Christian Community on the land of Rafidain (Two Rivers), to confront the challenges, especially the terrorist attacks and the immigration and the geographic transformation of the historic existence of Christians in the area.”