new motion on minorities of Iraq in UK parliament

Lobby for the Minorities of Iraq
Dear Friends,
 This Early Day Motion has been put yesterday in the House of Commons, London.. Could you encourage your friends in the UK to write or e-mail or write to their MPs asking them to sign?
Dr Bob Spink is an independent MP in Essex
  . It would be very useful if information could be given as to which MPs have been contacted. MPs tend to sign only in the first few weeks after the motion is put. Also most MPs only bother to reply to their own constituents. It is possible to check how many MPs have signed every day . The web-site is
Eilian Williams

EDM 27
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Spink, Bob
That this House is concerned that the failure to honour promises made after the First World War to the Assyrians and Kurdish minority communities on autonomy, the creation of a centralised Iraq in 1932 without provision for the security of minorities, the recent war of 2003 which led to the rise of fundamentalism, and the ethnic cleansing of the Mandaeans and Assyrian-Chaldeo-Syriacs in Basra, Baghdad and Mosul, place a special responsibility on the Government to these minorities; calls on the Government to therefore take a sympathetic attitude to asylum claims from these minorities; and urges the Government to learn from past mistakes and to use its influence in a robust way on the government of Iraq to ensure the safety of the aforementioned minorities as well as of Yezidis, Faili Kurds and Shabaks, so that a dishonourable withdrawal from Iraq is avoided.
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Spink, Bob
Hancock, Mike
George, Andrew