New Assyrian church to be constructed in Istanbul

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Turkey’s Assyrian community will build a new church in the Ye?ilköy neighborhood of Bak?rköy district -an area close to Atatürk Airport- in an area which will be allocated by the state in Istanbul, officials from the prime ministry announced on Friday.

The decision came during a meeting of Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu with representatives of non-Muslim communities at the prime ministry’s office in Istanbul, known as the Dolmabahçe Palace. The state will allocate an area for the construction of the church, the officials added.

During the meeting, the religious representatives and the prime minister discussed the issues faced by these communities, where Davuto?lu emphasized unity during his speech.

He said that when talking about religious communities, they were evaluated as if they were affiliated to another country. “All [representatives] are equal and real citizens of the Republic of Turkey,” he said, adding that the government embraces all citizens and sees the cultural, religious and ethnic diversity in Turkey as a blessing.

Davuto?lu also invited the religious leaders for a New Year’s meal at the prime ministry’s office.