Muslim woman works actively behind the charity that helps Iraqi Christians and religious minorities

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Chiqui Guyjoco
(Reuters/Khalid Al-Mousily)Iraqi Christians light candles as they attend a Good Friday mass at a church in Baghdad March 25, 2016.
It’s a Muslim woman who’s devoted herself to helping Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities made victims by the conflict in the Middle East, says the vicar of Baghdad.

Rev. Andrew White, the Anglican leader and president of Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME), the organization he founded in 2010 to provide emergency relief to Iraqi Christian refugees and religious minorities, revealed the identity of Dr. Sarah Ahmed as the Muslim woman behind the works of FRRME.

“She is there protecting all of the Iraqi Christians,” Rev. White said in December during a lunch visit in Washington, according to The Christian Post. “You never hear anything about it in the news but you hear about the work I am doing. The work that I am doing is being done by a Muslim caring for the Christians.”

Ahmed originated from Baghdad and moved to the United States in 2010 to become a dentist. She said her fateful meeting with the former chaplain of St. George’s Church in Baghdad during a function in New York led to her recruitment in his organization.

Ahmed said she works for “Christians, Yazidis, Jews, everybody else” and that she doesn’t feel different from any of them.

“For me, we are all equal. I don’t differentiate that much,” she told The Christian Post in an interview.

She believes her Islamic faith, contrary to what many people might think, is one that’s “very peaceful and believes in helping others.” She also believes in giving back for the life that one has, no matter the religion.

“You can not sleep while your neighbor is hungry or suffering. You have to lend a hand,” added Ahmed.

Ahmed works as director of operations for FRRME and travels all over Iraq to dole out emergency supplies to the civilian victims and even crosses dangerous thresholds just to see for herself the conditions of the internally displaced families.

FRRME suspended Rev. White as president on June 23 as the British Charity Commission launched its official inquiry on the foundation’s alleged involvement on rescuing sex slaves by paying off their captors, the Islamic State terrorist group.