MP Salem Kaku calls on the President of Kurdistan Region not to accept the election law without the allocation of quota for Christians in the Councils of districts, towns and province of Sulaymaniyah – Erbil – Exclusive
MP Salem Kaku, from the Assyrian Democratic Movement in the Parliament of Kurdistan, calls on the President of Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barazani, not to accept the election law. This is because the law does not give the Christians seat in the council of Sulaymaniyah and seats in the other districts, towns and provincial councils.
In his interview with the site of, Kaku said that the Christian parliament members withdrew on Tuesday from the session number 11 due to the cancellation of the submitted proposal that concerning the allocation of seats for Christians and Turkmen in Sulaymaniyah. He added, these seats are in addition to their involvement in the seats in the towns and provincial councils, as it was stated in the draft previously prepared by the legal committee, the Ministry of Interior and representative from the election commission.
Kaku added, I wrote a proposal after us, representative of Armenians and one of the Turkmen representatives intercept to keep the seat as well as keeping the paragraph to elect representative of the components by the component itself. He also said, I stress on necessity to represent the Chaldean Assyrian Syriac component in the council of districts and towns and not to be confined to the province council.
Kaku said we were surprised today to find the cancellation of our proposal that presented a day before and approved by the head of the Kurdistan list and the two committees. He referred to the meaning of such action as clear marginalization of the opinion of the Christians.
Kaku call the president of the Region, Masoud Barazani, to reject the law because in its current form will lead to the domination of only one component in the councils of districts and towns. He added this is unfair; there will be no representative for us, as original component, in these councils and he stress the need for clearance and transparency in such matters. He also said, if there are no intensions for the districts and towns elections, lets that be clear and open to us. He calls to cancel it from the law to keep provincial elections only.
It should be mentioned that there is quota of two seats for Christians in each of the provinces of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah.