‘Mixed’ deals with race, abandonment

Ferndale resident Jennifer George has written, directed and produced a local play that will deals with race and admission to it is free on Tuesday, Dec. 2.

The theatrical production of Mixed is sponsored by the Race Relations and Diversity Task Force of the Birmingham Bloomfield area and will be held at The Community House in Birmingham.

“I saw the play Mixed and was extremely touched by its unique understanding of the stories of the generations,” Sheri Schiff, task force chairperson, said in a press release. “The play explores the issues of racism and discrimination and also the hope and identity of the complexities we face in life each day. I was truly moved.”

George, a Wayne State University Theatre alumna, wrote the play in three acts. Each begins with a scene of three generations of African American women in the post Civil War South as they unveil their stories and secrets.

One ensemble scene, tackles “the father crisis in America,” while another titled, It’s Time, calls for social advancement – with Obama wining the presidential election, the timing seems extraordinarily appropriate.

George was raised in an ethnically mixed home. Born in Spain to a Chaldean father and Polish/Irish/Scottish mother, she was raised in the Detroit-area and studied acting, writing and directing at the La Sorbonne, in Paris, France. Her life, living between divorced parents and being of mixed ethnicity and diverse socio-economic backgrounds, is what prompted her to tackle the issue in a theater production.

“It may not address all the issues, but hopefully Mixed will prompt people to talk more freely and openly about this important subject,” she said, in a press release. “I believe we have made great technological advancements in society, but comparatively little advancement socially. I think that, on the whole, we can be better and do better.”

The Race Relations and Diversity Task Force is a sponsored group of The Community House.

– Lana Mini