Miller beer apologizes for supporting gay cause

miller1.jpgIn a press statement, Catholic League president Bill Donohue explained today why the group’s protest of the Miller Brewing Company ended, “From the beginning of the Folsom Street Fair controversy, the position of the Catholic League has been that it was insufficient for the Miller Brewing Company to simply apologize for the misappropriation of its logo on an offensive Last Supper promotional poster. What we wanted was an acknowledgment that there were other extremely disturbing anti-Catholic aspects to this event”.

“We have now secured that missing piece. Miller is now saying that following a review of what happened, ‘we are aware of other disrespectful activities, objects and groups associated with or present at the fair which, like the promotional poster, violate our marketing policies. We extend our original apology to include these unfortunate events and items as well.’” The Catholic League president credited Catholics for their efforts to obtain Miller’s apology “This has been a team effort. We are particularly grateful for the support that several bishops and ad hoc groups have shown, especially the wonderful people in Michigan’s Chaldean community”.

“The Catholic League is happy that Miller has reconsidered this ugly issue and has no plans to revisit it again. Accordingly, the boycott is off. So, too, is our anti-Miller PR campaign. There may very well be a follow-up meeting with the principals to this controversy; we welcome such an opportunity to convey our concerns to the Miller brass. Now it’s time for everyone who enjoys Miller beer to resume consumption again.”