Militants of ISIL removed a banner of Archbishop Faraj Rahho Street in the northern city of Mosul – Mosul – Younes Thanon
The militants of the terrorist Islamic State ISIL removed the banner of the street of Archbishop Faraj Rahho that placed in front of Saint Paul Chaldean Church in the neighbourhood of Almuhandeseen at the left bank of the city of Mosul.
Its worth to mention that the city council of Nineveh province had the initiative to name the street after the martyr Archbishop Raraj Rahho who kidnapped and killed by an armed group in March 2008. The banner was placed on the 18th of March 2013 near the church to refer to the name of the street as Archbishop Faraj Rahho, where the church had seen a large part of the martyr Archbishop services.
The sources confirmed that the militants of the ISIL organization intends to launch the name of one of its leaders, Abe Abdul Rahman Albelawy, to the street instead the archbishop name Faraj Rahho.

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