Migration of Christian families from Sook Alshaareen due to the fears of slogans targeting

Ankawa.com – Mosul – Yones Thanon
Dozens of Christian families migrated from the area of Sook Alshaareen due to the renewed armed clashes in the right hand side of the city and the impossibility of living in those areas. The difficulties of living increases due to the lack of electrical power and water and thus the families moved toward the left hand side of the city, mainly the districts of Alaraby and Almajmoaa quarters. Also, the concern renewed as the militants might target the churches in the region, especially those located in Hosh Albeaa. The families confirmed in their talk to the site of Ankawa.com that the armed groups began their move during the last few hours towards areas in the right hand side of the city imposing their control over many of those areas.
On the other hand, due to the difficult situation for many families living in the areas of 17 Tamos, Alrefaee, Alnajar and Mushera, they left their houses walking on their foots towards the left hand side of the city. Many people, among them Christian in Alaraby and Almuhandeseen quarters provided foods and bottles of water for the displaced people. Salam Mekha said that he provided assistant to those families as embodiment for the meanings of tolerance and coexistence, while Nabeel Fadil said that he had supported the displaced families who came to the areas of Almuhandeseen and passed them to the complex that included medical services in the region.