Mesopotamian Night 2009, August 15th at the Gallo Center for the Arts

image001.jpgAssyryt: The Symphonic Suite Assyria and The Opera Qateeni
Two years ago, The Central Valley Chapter of AAS-A took on the creation of the Assyrian opera Qateeni as part of its initiative to expand Assyrian cultural and art activities. This project now has come to fruition and on August 15th 2009, the first act of this opera will come to stage in concert style in the third Mesopotamian Night fund raiser concert in Modesto, California.

This opera is based on the three volume epic poem Qateeni Gabbara by Rabi William Daniel. We will present one full act of the opera based on chapter seven of the epic: In Malik Tooma’s castle. The Overture from the Gilgamesh Oratorio: This is a new project initiated by Rev. Samuel Khangaldy of San Jose CA. The Death of Enkidu Opera Scene from the Gilgamesh Assyrian Opera: This is the continuation of the work on Gilgamesh Opera by John Craton based of Rabi Adddai Alkhas’s Assyrian Aramaic version. This historical event will be conclude with modern Assyrian music performed by our beloved singers Mr. Emmanuel Bet Younan and Mrs. Lida Lawendo singing their famous songs with an astonishing 50 piece orchestra.

image002.jpgI’ve attached a summery translation of the Epic Poem book Qateeni Gabbara by Dr. Arianne Ishaya in order to familiarize our audience and supporters with this important cultural and art project.

We are posting more details about this yet another historic event in our newly created BlogSpot as they become available.

Please start reserving your tickets. It will help us push this project ahead more effectively. The seating chart and the ticket prices are now available at our blog page.