Media Ignore Christian Plight in Iraq, Give Full Coverage to L.A. Pro-Palestine Rally

by Mary Chastain 4 Aug 2014 129 post a comment
A Demand for Action, a global group formed in June to raise awareness of Christian treatment in Iraq and Syria, held a rally in Los Angeles on Saturday to draw attention to the persecution of Christians by the jihadist terror group, the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS. No prominent members of the media covered the rally, opting instead to appear in full force to report on a pro-Palestine rally in the area.

Blogger Gary Fouse at Fousesquawk attended the rally and provided more for the community than any media outlet: he interviewed people, snapped pictures, and recorded the event. Fouse said the majority of people were Assyrians and Chaldeans from Syria and Iraq. Fousesquawk reports:

There were several speakers including Arab ministers and two young Iranian Muslim girls who spoke in solidarity with the Christians. The speakers told of the suffering and the forced conversions by the forces of ISIS. Again and again, they asked why the world, the media, and President Obama were ignoring their plight.I can’t tell you how refreshing this was not just that finally people in this country were standing up and speaking out, but that it was coming from Arab Americans who painted a picture much different from that Americans are exposed to from the likes of CAIR and other like organizations.

“We are here today to demand action to help the Christian people in northern Iraq, the Assyrians who are being persecuted for being Christians,” organizer Delilah George told Fouse. “They are being pushed out by ISIS, also known as IS. They are a terrorist group that are pushing out our people, slaughtering our women and children and leaving them for dead. We need the UN to act. We need a safe haven for them.”

Where was the media? Mainstream media outlets appeared well-informed about the rally, as Fouse reports they showed up at 1 p..m. when that rally started. The NBC, ABC, and CBS affiliates in Los Angeles have not responded to inquiries from Breitbart News.

Fortunately for the Christians, there are citizen journalists like Fouse who do the work for the media. A few voices in the media try to report on events in Syria and Iraq. In USA Today, columnist Kirsten Powers pointed out the Christians in these countries are pleading for help but no one is listening. Andrew White, the vicar at Iraq’s only Anglican church, said the situation will only worsen with the world concentrating on Gaza and Israel.