Mardin’s youth makes film on Muslim and Syriac love

MARDÄ°N – DoÄŸan News Agency
A cinema group formed by young people in the eastern city of Mardin’s Midyat district has made a short film featuring the love between a Muslim and a Syriac Christian. But because there is no movie theater in the district, the group does not know where to screen the film.

The young people have been impressed by cinema and television producers who chose Midyat for their productions thanks to its rich culture and history. Twenty-five people made the short film with a limited budget and borrowed equipment. Some of those who helped were unemployed, some were artisans and some were civil servants.

The 20-minute film titled “İnançların Gölgesinde Aşk” (Love under the Shadow of Faiths) is directed by Kadir Kurt and was finished in three months. The purpose of making the film is to create cinema culture in Midyat, according to Kurt.

“Cinema should be brought together with public. But unfortunately, we don’t even have a movie theater in our district. We go to the neighboring districts to see a film. We call for officials to do something about this issue,” said Kurt