March in San Jose California USA – Save the Christians of Iraq

15.jpgSAN JOSE, Calif. — Hundreds of people took to the streets of San Jose on Monday night in hopes of focusing attention on atrocities overseas.

The marchers want President Obama to take action to prevent the slaughter of Christians in Iraq. Many of the marchers carried pictures of people they said were killed in Iraq by Muslim terrorists. Najala Zikoor of San Jose said she lost seven members of her family in a recent bombing. “They went to church on Sunday. [They included] newlywed brides, pregnant, two of them, with the father and the husband,” said Zikoor. “Then we heard back the news. They were all killed in the church and bombed.”

What has united Assyrians Christians was an attack by Muslim terrorists on a Catholic Church in Baghdad during a Sunday mass eight days ago. It resulted in more than 50 people killed and dozens injured as the gunmen opened fire with automatic weapons and set off suicide bombs. An Al-Qaeda group called the Islamic State of Iraq has taken responsibility. “All of the Christians there are in danger now,” said Basil Amso of Lafayette. “They’re threatened. They want to harm them for no reason but just because they are Christians.”

At one time, there were an estimated 1.4 milion Christians living in Iraq, now its estimated that two thirds have fled the country following the bombings of 66 Christian Churches over the last seven years. Father Ladimer Alkhaseh of the Assyrian Evengalical Church of San Jose says the Obama administatration needs to do more to help the Christians. “We want President Obama to intervene and basically stop the massacre of the Christians in the Middle East,” said Alkhaseh.

So far the administration has not commented, and polls show the American public supports a withdrawal of U.S. troops rather than sending more into Iraq.

The demonstration was called the Black March. Similiar protests were held in other major American and foreign cities