Mandaean family murdered in Baghdad

> Mandaean family of three wiped out in Baghdad – German government must
> give
> up irresponsible delay in taking up refugees!
> In Iraq the chain of attacks and murders against members of the Mandaean
> religious community shows no sign of breaking. As the Society for
> Threatened
> Peoples (GfbV) learned last night, in the evening of 9th September three
> members of a Mandaean family were murdered in the Iraqi capital. The
> family
> jeweller’s shop was plundered and destroyed in the attack. The
> unidentified
> criminals murdered the owner of the shop, Mahdi Abdulkarim Alkerbolli, his
> brother Kamel Abdulkarim Alkerbolli and his eight-year
> old son Ahmed Mahdi Abdulkarim.
> These crimes are part of a long series of abductions, murders and rapes
> against members of this oldest religious minority in Iraq, who date their
> faith back to John the Baptist. To mention just one of these crimes: In
> February 2008 ten members of a Mandaean family died in a targeted rocket
> attack on their house in the Alaza part of Kut. They had previously
> received
> threats from Islamists. The continuing terror and the crimes of violence
> against members of their religious community have forced some 25,000 of
> the
> former 30,000 Mandaeans in Irak to flee to neighbouring countries. The
> oldest communities of Iraq, the Mandaeans and the Christian Assyrian
> Chaldean Aramaeans, are now faced with extinction. Some hundreds of
> thousands are living for the most part in abject poverty as refugees in
> the
> Arab neighbouring countries.
> “We call on the German government and the coalition parties of the SPD and
> CDU to abandon their irresponsible delaying tactics concerning the
> admission
> of the persecuted Christians and Mandaeans of Iraq”, said the GfbV General
> Secretary, Tilman Zülch. “It is to your credit if you think of the
> terrible
> crimes of the past. Bit it rings hollow if you do not draw the
> consequences
> for the present day. The dying and suffering of these minorities must be
> ended. Germany should at last take the lead among the European countries
> and
> take up at least 30,000 refugees.”
> There is also hardly any other social group from the Near East which is so
> inclined and determined to choose Germany as their new home. Both the
> Christians and the Mandaeans from Iraq are highly motivated and would
> bring
> experts in various fields. Apart from this the Society for Threatened
> Peoples always maintains that persecution of a minority must be the first
> criterion for acceptance.
> The Society for Threatened Peoples has since 2007 repeatedly with
> countless
> appeals and lobbying talks called for the acceptance of at least 30,000
> Christians and Mandaeans from Iraq. It welcomed the fact that this year
> for
> the first time a corresponding readiness of the German government was
> announced. But it has so far waited in vain for a decision. Today 1,200
> persons of Mandaean origin and about 100,000 members of the Christian
> Assyrian Chaldaic Aramaic minorities are living in Germany as completely
> integrated people.
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