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An incumbent southern Oakland County legislator stayed in the race for his seat by a razor-thin margin Tuesday after a challenge from two fellow Democratic legislators.

State Sen. Vincent Gregory won the Democratic primary in the 11th District by 117 votes, trailed by term-limited state Reps. Vicki Barnett and Ellen Cogen Lipton. On the November ballot, Gregory faces Republican Boris Tuman, who was unopposed.

Tuesday’s primary saw highly competitive races for seats that, in many cases, were left wide-open by legislators prevented from running again by term limits.

Michigan House of Representatives

? In the 27th District, Michael Ryan defeated Mark Manier in the Republican primary, 1,382 to 678. On the other side, Robert Wittenberg won handily over four other candidates in the Democratic primary. His 4,165 votes were more than double what any other candidate received. Rudy Serra was second with 1,845. Kelli Williams earned 1,424 votes, while Joe McHugh received 1,094 votes. Andrew Robert Cissell finished last with 940 votes.

? In the 29th District, incumbent Rep. Tim Greimel was unopposed in the Democratic primary.

David Lonier got the Republican nomination by 7 votes, receiving 891 to Christina Barr’s 884.

? In the 35th District, Democrat Jeremy Moss won the primary with 6,541 votes. Moss will face uncontested Republican Robert Brim in the November election for the seat, which is being vacated by Democrat Rudy Hobbs. ? In the 37th District, community advocate Christine Greig won the Democratic ticket at 3,288 votes, and will be facing Farmington Hills City Councilman Richard Lerner, who tallied 3,931 votes to Republican opponent Julie Grippo’s 1,305.

? In the 38th District, Republican Oakland County Commissioner Kathy Crawford is closer to swapping seats with her husband Hugh Crawford, who’s leaving the post next year. Crawford tallied 4,180 votes, with opponent Dan Lauffer, a former pastor, tallying 2,946.

On the Democratic ticket is Vietnam War veteran Jasper Catanzaro, who had 2,364 votes over Jason George-Wellington Dorsch, who had 883.

? In the 39th District, incumbent Republican Klint Kesto beat the nearest challenger, Deb O’Hagan, 4,500 to 3,223, with Alan Stephens third with 466 votes. Between the two Democrats running, Sandy Colvin beat Michael Saari, 3,758 to 627.

? In the 43rd District, Jim Tedder was led a pack of five Republican candidates with 3,007 votes. Trailing behind were Andrea Schroeder, with 2,847 votes; Jose Aliaga, with 2,146; Nate Knapper, with 1,515; and Paul J. Greenawalt, with 332.

Dennis Ritter led the Democratic field with 2,504 votes, trailed by Robin McGregor, who took home 2,164 votes. Neil Billington received 377 votes.

The winner in November replaces outgoing term-limited Rep. Gail Haines.

? In the 44th District Republicans’ race, Jim Runestad won with 3,805. Liz Fessler Smith received 3,557, Russ Tierney, 2,525 and Dennis H. Garlick, 826.

? In the 45th District, Michael Webber got the GOP nod with 4,026 votes. He was followed by Mark Avery, who received 3,702, and Lana Mangiapane, who received 939 votes.

Webber faces Democrat Joanna VanRaaphorst in November, who ran unopposed. The race for the seat was wide open, with sitting Rep. Tom McMillin being term-limited.

? In the 46th District, Bradford C. Jacobsen defeated John Reilly, 5,552 to 4,367, in the Republican primary. Democrat David Jay Lillis ran unopposed and earned 3,009 votes.

? In the 51st District, Joseph Graves won the Republican primary, defeating Sheila Barr, 1,234 to 450. Ken Thomas, a Democrat, ran unopposed, earning 737 votes.

Michigan Senate

? In the 11th District Democrats’ race, incumbent Vincent Gregory won with 10,286 votes over Vicki Barnett, 10,169, and Ellen Cogen Lipton, 9,204. Gregory will face Republican Boris Tuman in November.

? In the 12th District, Republican incumbent Jim Marleau took down Bob Gray, 14,619 to 5,874. For the Democrats, Paul Secrest beat Kenneth VanNorwick, 7,661 to 3,543.

? In the 13th District, with 114 of 115 precincts counted, former Rep. Marty Knollenberg was leading Republicans with 8,687 votes, followed by Rocky Raczkowski, 8,667, former Rep. Chuck Moss, 4,903, Ethan Baker, 1,543 and Al Gui, 276. Democrat Cyndi Peltonen was leading Ryan Fishman, 7,586 to 6,225.

? In the 14th District Democrats’ race, Bobbie C. Walton beat Tim Terpening, 3,499 to 2,166.

? In the 15th District among Republicans, Mike Kowall won with 11,345, beating Matt Maddock, 9,715, and Ron Molnar, 1,708.

In the race among Democrats, Michael D. Smith topped Tom Crawford, 6,864 to 4,330.

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