Little Miracles

ams.jpgHelping Those In Need Worldwide is the adage upon which the Assyrian Medical Society has been founded.

The Assyrian Medical Society is a direct response to today’s global dispersion of the Iraqi Assyrians, as flocks by the thousands continue to migrate to neighboring countries, reaching to anyone who will listen to their stories, crossing borders to any country that will give them a home. Their only passport is a memorabilia filled with catastrophes met by orthopedic disabilities, spinal cords injuries, burns, and birth defects, most of which are the direct result of the war that has forever shaped the lives of Iraqis.

Still, others remain trapped in wheelchairs, speechless to express their hearts’ desires, and without vision to reflect upon the daybreak that may never enter their lives ~ have met small miracles through the diplomacy of the Assyrian Medical Society which has helped shape the window to their worlds.

“Working concurrently with local and international organizations to develop the most cost-effective solutions to help both Assyrian and non-Assyrian patients, the organization, whose mission is to serve the Assyrian community, is based on accountability, transparency and honesty.”

Founded by Dr. Samir Johna and located in Encino, California, the Assyrian Medical Society is chaired by Mr. Albert Davidoo, a Certified Public Accountant, and vice-chaired by Mr. Youkie Khaninia, a Senior Product Engineer. More recently, the organization was joined by Dr. Lorence Esho as a family physician.

“Less than two years old, the medical relief project of the Assyrian Medical Society has already closed over 45 cases. Known as “Baby Kirillos,” Kirillos Faris George was only one year-old when he was brought from Iraq to undergo a corrective congenital heart surgery at the Loma Linda University Hospital in Loma Linda, California in 2007.”

“Seventeen years-old Devon and his two brothers were victims of rocket explosions in Iraq, who sustained multiple injuries that lead to amputations of arms and legs are currently undergoing treatments at Shriners Hospital in Los Angeles, California.” To learn more, visit

~ Helen Talia, MBA, CPA
Assyrian Medical Society
Director, Chicago