Kurdistan forces (Alzerivani) coordinated with the police and developed new security regulations in Nineveh Plain

Ankawa.com – Nineveh Plain – Exclusive
The sources of Ankawa.com reported to our site and said that after the recent events in Nineveh Plain, new security regulations were introduced in Baghdida, the centre of Alhamdania town. These regulations were distributed as posters in public places. The sources added that these new regulations are results of the coordination between Baghdida protection authority, Alzerivani Kurdish forces and Alhamdania police. These guidance and instructions are alerting the citizen of 5 things concerning the movement of cars, motorbikes people and not to fire their guns and other explosive as it will disturb the security situation in the town.
It is worth mentioning that the town is currently protected by the Alzerivani Kurdish forces, while the presence of police forces have only secondary simple role.
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