Kuldo Ogunna to Ankawa.com: The project of safe region in Nineveh Plain is the best choice and our parties must leave their secondary discrepancies

The young leader in the Democratic Assyrian Movement, Kuldo Ogunna, described the situation in Nineveh Plain as very bad and cannot be tolerated any more. He said, this situation requires careful attention and fast human move by all the responsible sites, including the central and Kurdistan Regional governments and humanitarian organizations, in order to find the suitable solutions for the different services such as the health issues and the scarcity of water and electricity. He stressed on the central and regional governments to bearing their responsibilities towards the humanitarian situation in the region.
Regarding the project of safe region, Ogunna confirmed to our site and said this is the perfect choice for the present suffering of our Christian people and the region. He added, this does not mean that we are in Zowaa abandon the project of Nineveh Plain province, but we must be prepared for the expected changes. Ogunna assured that the project of safe region is not just a logo or statement, but there are a real action in the field by us and by the help our people friends. He said, the coming days will witness intensive activities in this direction. Ogunna also explained the presence of international organizations, including the Eastern Committee (MECHRIC), which they are making series and active efforts in this field.
Ogunna also referred to the central committee of the Democratic Assyrian Movement and how the committee studying and taking this file seriously. He said the committee is taking advantage of the international relations that will help in this field and stressing the positive signs so far from the international reaction. He added we will invest our international relations to convince the international community and to press in this direction.
About Christian parties views of what’s going on, he said we need now to unify our goal and leave our secondary discrepancies, we have today a historical responsibility, we must act with wisdom and with a fast speed as possible. He added, this work needs bolder policy and if any party is not convinced of certain move, then he must not work against to thwart any action that may give important outcome to the Christian people, these people who expecting from all our parties at least the solidarity if they could not succeed with the unity.

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