Killing of two Christians and bomb explosion in front of another Christian house in Mosul – Mosul – Exclusive
The sources of in Mosul reported that two Christian citizens were killed this afternoon, Monday the 15th of November 2010, and an explosive device blasted at the entrance of another Christian’s family house.
  The sources added that unidentified gunmen attacked this afternoon the Armenian citizen “Abo Shunt” in his house in Alzahraa neighborhood in Mosul and kill him.
  The sources said that in another separate incident, gunmen wearing police uniform attacked anther Christian house belong to Nabeel Ghanem Shapho and shot him dead. The victim Shapho was an employee at the Integrity Authority and living in Alzahraa neighborhood too.
  The sources added, an explosive device exploded this afternoon in front of a third house belong to a Christian family in Aldergaslia district in Mosul and caused the injury of two passing by people.
  The sources confirmed that the three incidents occurred at nearly the same time.
  It should be mentioned that the cycle of violence against Christian’s people in Iraq became active recently after the terrorist attack on the church of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad, and the subsequent attack on houses belong to Christian’s families in different parts of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.
  It should be, also, mentioned that many massive demonstrations were started in many Iraqi and European cities demanding from the Iraqi Government and the International Organizations to protect the Christians in Iraq.