Killing of Hikmat Samak and his wife Samira Sabry by stabbing to death in Baghdad – Baghdad – Exclusive sources in Baghdad reported that the terrorists renewed yesterday their declared war against the Christians in Iraq. They killed on Sunday afternoon a Christian man and his wife by stabbing by knifes until death in Albaladiat district in Baghdad.
The site of knew that the victims are Hikmat Jabbory Samak and his wife Samira Sabry Albana. According to these sources, the gunmen were riding a motorcycle when they attacked the victims in their house. The sources added, the victims were arrived Baghdad before two days from Ankawa in Erbil and they were aiming to liquidation of their assets in order to escape from the continuing terrorist crimes against Christian people in Baghdad.
When the neighbors knew of the crime, the bodies were taken to a hospital morgue.
Still no further details are available about the crime but we will provide you with any more information as soon as we get it.
This crime came in the context of the ongoing series of terrorist crimes against the Christians in Iraq. These crimes still taking place in spite of all the actions that taken by government authorities, as pretended, to protect Christian people.