Joni Khoshaba’s statement to exclusively:

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After his release on Thursday 21/2/2008 and in a statement to, the writer Joni Khoshaba brings to light the reasons for his arrest, release and association of this case: “ First, I would like to say that the reason of my arrest is my own web side (Al-Sarkha) where I was publishing my writings for more than one year and a half. On Sunday at 6.30PM and without a preceding warning ,the door was knocked by four National guards (Beshmerga) asking for accompaniment for an accusation I was charged with. I was well treated and quietly accompanied them to their car (Pick up in white color) heading to their headquarter in Telkef. Next morning, I was transferred to a prison in Sekrin district within Duhok city. During the four days of my stay in the prison two investigations proceeded, but I was not exposed to hitting or torture and treated well. I was released after a written pledge translated from Kurdish language concerning not to abuse and write about the government of territory and some Christian clergymen. For this reason I am not allowed to use my usual dare and freedom of speech. In fact I was not imposed to close my web but I can’t continue anymore and (Sarkha) is suppressed. Regarding my release I have no idea of how and why. After release I observed two impressive stands, my sick mother’s words “ Joni to be redemption for truth ”, and the ousted of my friend Naji from work. Iraq allege of democracy, I am an Assyrian independent individual, my writings because of corruption everywhere. Finally, I would like to forward thanking to, human rights organizations, Assyrian organizations, web sides for support and stand. My appeal to all readers through for support to arrange a meeting with Patriarch Mar Denkha in his visit to Iraq next summer, for I have lot to tell”.