JOINT STATEMENT By U.S. Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker and General Ray Odierno on Iraq’s provincial elections

01-31-09-joint-statement-elections.jpgThe U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and the Multi-National Force – Iraq congratulate the Iraqi people on holding provincial elections today. Voter turnout was large. Iraqi security forces successfully protected millions of Iraqis and enabled them to express their opinions freely in fourteen of Iraq’s governorates.

We congratulate the Iraqi authorities, their security forces and the Iraqi election commission for their careful preparation and administration of these elections.

These elections mark a significant milestone for the people of Iraq, and are a major step forward in Iraq’s democratic development.

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For more information please contact Public Diplomacy Officer Jim Heller at 0770-443-0907. For Kurdish please contact Tawar Rasheed (Erbil/Dohuk) at 0750-463-4878 or Alan Attoof (Sulaimaniyah) at 0770-229-6569