ISIS attacks Syriac – Assyrian villages in the Khabur region in Syria

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In the early morning hours of February 23rd 2015 the terror organization ISIS attacked the Syriac (Assyrian) Christian region of Khabour in the Al-Hassaka governorate in Syria.
Khabur region has nearly 35 Syriac villages along the Khabur River (stretching 80 km west fromAl-Hassaka to Ras Al-Ain). Syriac people in North-East Syria started to arm themselves to defend and protect their lives, identity, historical, religious and cultural heritage in Syria. The Syriac Christian people need urgent support in order to survive.

ISIS captured the villages of Tal Shamiran, Tal Tawil, Tal Hourmiz and several surrounding villages of Tal Tamer. As a result of this attacks more than 50 Syriacs have been abducted and about 90 are captives in their villages, among them women and children. Residents who have been able to flee, found shelter in the Syriac Churches of Al-Hassaka and Al-Qamishli.

Back in January ISIS entered the town of Tal Hourmiz in Khabur region and threat local population to remove crosses from the church bells (otherwise will bomb the church and other Christian symbols and monuments in the town). The Syriac Military Council (MFS) and Kurdish forces YPG had been able to push back ISIS and regained control over Tal Hourmiz town.

Currently the Syriac Military Council (MFS), the Sutoro (Christian police), the Khabur Guards and the Peoples Protection Units YPG are fighting ISIS. Although they have been succeed to prevent ISIS in their movement, a military support from the International Coalition is crucial.

ESU urges the European Union, the member states of the EU and the United States of America to support the political and military forces of Syriac people in Syria and other countries of the Middle East. Without Syriac Christian people in the Middle East a democracy and pluralism is not possible.

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Rima Tüzün

ESU – Head of Foreign Affairs

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– Annex: Press release Syriac Military Council

– Annex: Map of Khabur Region