ISIL militants holed up in large numbers in the churches in Mosul and raise the concern of residents – Younes Thanon
Translated by Rashwan Issam Aldaqaq
A number of residents in the city of Mosul confirmed their deep concern as a large numbers of ISIL militants used the churches of the city as headquarters holed in fear of being targeted by Iraqi aircrafts. They added in their talks to site, these churches are located in densely populated residential areas, and thus make them feel scared from concentration of bombing. Layla Abdullah said that a number of militants of the Islamic state returned to settle in the church of Um Almaaoona in Aldowasa neighbourhood. These militants left Nineveh Police Headquarter after being targeted by aircrafts, nearly 2 weeks ago. She added the people of this area feel of fear and concern from the targeting of the church in order to inflict losses in the ISIL militants.
Marwan Mahmood said that a group of large number of ISIL militants stationed in a number of churches at the left bank of the city. He added there are nearly 100 of the militants using the Monastery of St Georgis that located in Alaraby neighbourhood as headquarter for them. Also, there are nearly 50 militants stationed in St Afram church in Alshurta neighbourhood and similar number is using St Paul church in Almuhandeseen area.
Marwan added a number of families left these areas for fear of targeting aircrafts to those churches and monasteries. These families went to relatives houses in different parts in the city of Mosul.
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