Iraqis Optimistic on their Country’s Safety – The Iraq war enters its sixth year this week and a recent ABC News poll found that most residents in the country are optimistic.

About 84 percent of Iraqis said they now feel safe in their country –nearly double the number who felt that way in 2007– and another 59 percent said they feel “very” safe.

About 65 percent added that things are going well in their own lives.

Most in the country also feel it’s time for U.S. troops to leave, with 75 percent saying they trust Iraqi security forces to protect the country.

Click play for comments from CBN News Senior Reporter George Thomas on the state of Iraq, six year after the start of the war on terror.

Despite the positive outlook, Christian in Iraq are still suffering violent attacks.

Canon Andrew White of St. George’s Anglican Church in Baghdad told CBN News that 83 of his members were killed last year in attacks, and five more this year.

“It’s difficult,” he said. “We cry, but we know that God… will not fail us and we see incredible things amongst the Christians.

“The church is growing and the people are loving each other and they’re loving God,” White added. “That’s what gives us true hope