Iraqi women fear going public as candidates

77e02d41-6080-4aba-b263-870401abf534rp600×3501.jpgListing of names on ballot scares some from running for office
Inaam Hamid, 43-year-old former political prisoner and mother of five, speaks during an interview with the Associated Press in Baghdad on Sept. 23. Hamid said she’ll run for re-election in January for the Baghdad provincial council.
BAGHDAD – The 38-year-old teacher wanted to participate in Iraq’s first provincial elections in four years — until she realized that a new law would require the ballot to list her name, not just her party.

Even as violence has declined, lingering fear bred by rampant crime and a small but die-hard insurgency has left many Iraqi women afraid to run in the elections, to be held by Jan. 31.dv_to_getty_2209400_0rp420×4002.jpg

“I feel that I am unprotected,” said the teacher, speaking by telephone on condition of anonymity because of her fears. “I am not going to run in the elections because I fear for the safety of members of my family who might be targeted.”