Iraqi woman kills ISIS commander who forced her into sex slavery

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An Iraqi woman has reportedly killed a high-up ISIS commander named Abu Anas three months after he forced her into sex slavery via “marriage” to his subordinates.
Speaking to independent Iraqi TV network Al Sumaria (via The International Business Times), Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) spokesman Saeed Mamouzini said that the woman (not pictured), believed to be be a member of the Yazidi-Kurdish minority, fatally shot Anas on Saturday near the Iraqi city of Mosul, which is currently controlled by the Islamic state. Three months prior, she was captured by the commander’s forces and given to his followers as a “gift,” just one of many horrific practices these fringe militants use their cracked version of Islam to justify.

This grim victory comes at a time when numerous reports of sexual slavery and other human rights abuses have been coming out of ISIS-controlled territory with some frequency. Via PressTV:

The report comes only two days after Daesh terrorists brought non-Iraqi women to Mosul, located some 400 kilometers (248 miles) north of the capital, Baghdad, to use them as sex slaves following an order by the terrorist group’s leader, Ibrahim al-Samarrai aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

On August 15, Daesh militants executed 15 women at the Ghazlani military base, which lies near Mosul, after the victims refused to marry the militants. The terrorists executed 19 women in Mosul on the same ground in late July.

Hana Nawafili, a spokeswoman for the Iraqi Observatory for the Defense of Battered Women, told Arabic-language al-Maalomah news agency on July 18 that Daesh terrorists had gang-raped seven female residents of Fallujah, situated about 69 kilometers (43 miles) west of Baghdad, and then murdered them.

Note: As a member of a religious and ethnic minority, this particular woman would be subject to the Islamic state’s worst treatment.

There’s not much information available on the woman herself, but it’s quite possible she was a captured member of one of the all-female militias currently fighting ISIS in parts of Kurdistan (an unrecognized region encompassing parts of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria), which would explain her skill with a gun. Making her revenge extra sweet is the belief on the part of some ISIS fighters that if a woman kills you, you go to hell.

It’s important to note that women in Kurdish-controlled areas enjoy relative gender equality as well as religious freedom — Yazidis, Christians, various sects of Muslims, Jews, and even the non-religious all coexist in this pluralistic society. After building a strong bond with Iraqi Kurds in the fight against Saddam Hussein, the US is still helping the people of Kurdistan, sort of, but only certain subsections, as US ally Turkey wants to smash them. If you’re interested in learning more about the female fighters of Kurdistan, Vice has a decent documentary on the subject.