Iraqi Christians Urged to Stay Despite Attacks

Dindar Najman, Iraq’s new minister for immigration and migrants, has asked Christians not to leave the country despite the recent deadly attacks against their community.

“I think that the Iraqi government, with all its institutions, cabinet, and the prime minister, personally are very keen to encourage Christians to keep on staying in Iraq and to take part, along with their brothers, the other Iraqis, to build up their homeland,” Najman said.

“They are indigenous Iraqi citizens,” he said. “And we condemn all the terrorist acts the Christians have been exposed to.”

Last week, a string of attacks targeted at least seven Christian homes in parts of Baghdad, killing two people and injuring at least 13.

Thousands of Iraqi Christians have fled to northern Iraq, fearing further attacks.

Christian leaders estimate 400,000 to 600,000 Christians still live in the country, but estimates were as high as 1.4 million Christians before the war.