Iraqi Christians need help

The attack at a Catholic Church in Baghdad happened during worship services on Oct. 31 and claimed the lives of numerous innocent Assyrian parishioners and priests.
The target is Assyrian people, the indigenous people of Iraq. This Assyrian nation, also known as Mesopotamia and Babylon, has more than 7,000 years of history rooted in Iraq and the goal is to force Assyrians to flee their homeland and is a simple act of ethnic cleansing of Iraqi Assyrians.

Since 2004, 66 Assyrian churches have been attacked and bombed. What happened to Iraqi Assyrians is just one example that Muslim attacks on Christians are an example of a religion of hate, not peace. Iraqi Christians are slaughtered and face execution daily in their own homeland.
I am an Assyrian and that makes me an indigenous person of Iraq and I still have family members that live in Iraq who have been facing persecution since the invasion. Where does Canada stand on this matter?
It is too busy catering to Muslim needs and providing aid to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Why not Iraq for starters? Is it because Canada doesn’t have a piece of that oil pie, or is it because American claimed that territory? One would wonder what dirty politics is all about, while our fellow Assyrians in Iraq are slaughtered daily.
It is time that Canada intervenes, before Iraqi Christians face extinction. Two years ago, Tammel Indians protested at Queen’s Park, closing main arteries of Toronto-area highways.
They were there for days asking the Canadian government to intervene for the same reasons that our fellow Assyrian people are facing in Iraq today.
Do we have to do the same to get the word out? I think there are better ways of dialogues to stop these problems instead of interrupting average Canadian’s life to get our voices heard.
I would hope that someone out there is listening and acting within the United Nation’s Security Council to stop this bloodshed for ransom.
I would like to ask Barrie MP Patrick Brown to pay a visit to Iraq and examine the war-torn country, as he has paid a visit to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India recently.
Monti Hannona Barrie