Iraqi Christians Demand An Autonomous Region, Yazidi Minority Objects

207191.JPGIraqi Christians population is around 400,000 to 600,000, down from a 2003 prewar level of 1.4 million
Iraqi MPs representing Christians are demanding the formation of an autonomous area in the country’s northern province of Mosul.

Iraqi lawmakers welcomed their demands, and said that an autonomous Christian region should be based upon “new administrative grounds that could be supported by external parties hosting Christian refugees.”

Iraqi MPs representing their Christian constituency see the demand as reasonable, after the continuous marginalization of their community who have been caught between Shiite-Sunni crossfire since the U.S. toppled Iraqi president Saddam Hussein in 2003.

However, representatives of other minorities, mainly the Yazidis, rejected the demands, saying that the Christian component is a minority in these regions and therefore not eligible to form an autonomous presence.

Yazidis are Kurdish-speaking people whose religion traces back to the ancient Indo-Iranian roots with a mixture from the Islamic Sufi doctrine.

Source:, April 5, 2011