Iraqi and Syrian Christians face dreadful food shortage crisis – American Christians must offer help

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ISIS intends to elimate Christianity from the face of the Earth.
ISIS has driven hundreds of thousands of people away from their homes and destroyed their possessions. After forced to run and stripped of all possessions, refugees in northern Iraq and Syria suffer with food shortages.

MUNTINLUPA, PHILIPPINES (Catholic Online) – According to Open Doors USA, an organization whose goal is to stop Christian persecution across the globe, 300,000 Christians are struggling for survival in the midst of food shortage crisis.

forexexam.blogspot.comChristians in Iraq and Syria are suffering from food shortage

Open Doors USA is trying to raise $20 million to aid these individuals over the upcoming 18 months. CEO, David Curry stated that his organization has already provided for 15,000 families since the rise of the Islamic State.

“Failure isn’t an option. We have to continue to work to help people realize what has happened and is happening to Christians in the region,” Curry stated regarding the urgency in raising funds. “The goal of ISIS is the elimination of the Christian faith, not just in the region but everywhere. They’ve told the world this, and we must believe them.”

“Christians have been pushed out of this region and if we don’t support those that have been displaced then it certainly gives the impression that ISIS was correct: that western governments don’t care about Christian minorities in the Middle East,” he continued.

Curry explained that he is hoping Christians in the United States will lend a helping hand to refugees. Sadly, some relief groups, who intend to help, do not have enough resources to extend their help.

According to Curry, “The reality on the ground is that many people in the camps have lost everything, lack work to support themselves and buy food, and either wish to remain in their homeland or have been rejected for immigration. It’s a crisis on the ground right now as people get more hungry and desperate.”