Iraq: Iraqi Catholic church organises major blood donor campaign

  • Written by:

Robert Ewan
Under the auspices of Bishop Joseph Thomas, Archbishop of Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah, in northern Iraq, the Catholic Chaldean Diocese of Kirkuk organised a blood donation campaign. The event took place at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral recently. The purpose of this drive was to show appreciation and solidarity with the sacrifices of the armed forces and victims of terrorist acts. Large crowds gathered at the cathedral awaiting their turn to donate blood.

During his press conference Bishop Thomas said: “We have organised this campaign to show our support, solidarity and gratitude to our sons in the armed forces and all the victims of terrorist operations who have strived to maintain security, the safety of the nation and protect our people from the vicious attacks of ISIS.

He added: “Blood does not differentiate between any sects on the expense of the other; the mixing of the fresh blood will include all the denominations of people and unites us in a common thing that is the love of God and country”.

The Bishop said: “It is a message to everyone that we, the Christians, are the true sons of this nation; we will stay, live and die in this country despite all the attempts of forced displacement faced by our children, especially after the events of June 10 in Nineveh and its plain.”

The number of donors who participated in this campaign totalled 103 of various ages making the event the largest blood donation campaign ever organised by a church.