Iraq at a glance

The latest news in the Iraq war.

Casualties down: U.S. deaths in Iraq fell in October to their lowest monthly level of the war: 13, including eight killed in combat. That matched the 13 U.S. fatalities in July. Iraqi deaths fell to their lowest monthly levels of the year: at least 364 killed in October, including police, soldiers, civilians and militants.

Christians return: Iraqi Christians have started to trickle home to Mosul in recent days as attacks against them have tapered off, authorities said Friday. They said 35 Christian families had returned. Some 1,800 Christians families, or 13,000 people, were chased away by threats and extremist attacks in Mosul this month. That is more than half the Christians in the city.

Iran-Iraq war: Iraq and Iran have agreed to exchange the bodies of soldiers killed during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war. Iraq’s government spokesman, Ali al-Dabbagh, said Iran will hand over 200 Iraqi bodies in exchange for 41 Iranian bodies.