‘Iran best place for minorities’

Monday, October 20, 2008 – ?2005 IranMania.com

LONDON, October 20 (IranMania) – The secretary-general of the International Union of Assyrians says religious minorities can best live in the Islamic Republic of Iran, PressTV reported.

“Iran is the safest country in the world for religious minorities,” said Yonatan Bet-Kolia, who also represents Assyrians and Chaldeans in the Iranian Parliament.

Bet-Kolia was appointed as the new secretary-general of the International Union of Assyrians in September.

Last week, the union relocated its central office to Iran after four decades of presence in the United States.

Bet-Kolia said that while some ‘600,000 Assyrians in the United States are not represented in the US Congress’, some 20,000 Assyrians living in Iran have a representative in the Iranian Parliament.

“I can not name a country that respects the rights of minorities as Iran does,” he concluded.